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by anisur January 16, 2020
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Register your Ninja Products online to get Warranty

Ninja is one of the house care brands that offer innovative cleaning and household appliance intending to provide more cutting edge technologies to match our busy 21-century lifestyle. Ninja is becoming one of the leading brands in this industry, from chemical-free mops to state of the art kitchen appliances.

Now, a day’s technology has made our life so easier, that we can register our products online, make an inquiry about products online, or book an appointment with the company for servicing and repair.

What are the types of products Ninja offers :

The company offers a variety of products like

  • Ninja choppers
  • Ninja Personal Blenders
  • Ninja Blenders
  • Ninja Kitchen System
  • Ninja Coffee Bars
  • Ninja Cooking

They also provide Ninja products parts & accessories both online and brick & mortar stores.

How to purchase Ninja products online:

  • Purchasing a Ninja product online is very easy and convenient
  • You need to visit their official Ninja page, which link is given below ninjakitchen.eu/uk/product
  • Now, select the product from the product dropdown list
  • Choose your favorite model from the different options available over there.
  • After, choosing your product now you can see the details features and other information about the product.
  • Now, click on “Add to Basket” and after confirming the total amount including taxes click on ” View Cart” to proceed

Ninja Professional Stackable Purchase

  • Next Click on ” Proceed to Checkout”
  • Now, you are required to fill your billing details and at the same time you can check the “Account create” option
  • Now check their terms and conditions box and select your payment options
  • And finally, click on “Placed Order” button

Why choose Ninja Products:

  • One of the leading brand in the Home appliance industry
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Smart and state of the art design
  • Free next-day delivery
  • Customer support 24*7 available
  • Competitive price than other players in this industry
  • 1-year compulsory warranty available on all the products
  • And 5 star rated feedback from the consumer
  • 90 to 180 days refurbished product warranty

You can register your Ninja products online so that you can get your warranty guaranteed.

How to register Ninja products online:

  • Now, you don’t need to provide the serial number of your product, but you are required to provide the following information

My SharkNinja Register a Product

First Name

Last Name

Email Id


Product Type

Product Model Number

Serial Number (*optional)

Purchase Date of the product

And, where did you buy it from

  • After that, you can check the competitions and offers box
  • And finally “Submit” your data.
  • But, remember if your purchase date is more than 12 months, you can’t register your Ninja product online, you need to contact their customer care with proof of your purchase.

You can register your Ninja product offline also.

How to register Ninja Product offline:

  • Ninja products can be registered offline through postal mail
  • You need to send the required information.

First Name

Last Name

Email Id


Product Type

Product Model Number

Serial Number (*optional)

Purchase Date of the product

And, where did you buy it from

  • And, along with a copy of your purchase invoice to the following address

Product Registration

Euro-Pro Europe ltd

3150 Century Way


LS15 8ZB

Congratulations, as you have completed your product registration, now you can expect to get replaced or repaired your Ninja product if it gets faulty within the warranty period.

If you need any assistance or have any inquiry regarding the products, warranty, shipping, payment options and after purchase customer service, feel free to contact them through the following options

How to contact Ninja:

  • For quick resolutions, you can check their FAQs.
  • You can search your model troubleshoot for the DIY service.
  • You can also write on their on-site message box for any inquiry.
  • If you need any further assistant you can call their customer support center

0800 862 0453

0800 083 4273

  • You can also connect with them through social media

Facebook – www.facebook.com/ninjakitchen

Twitter – https://twitter.com/ninjakitchen

YouTube- www.youtube.com/user/EPNinjaKitchen

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/ninjakitchen

Instagram – www.instagram.com/ninjakitchen

Reference – ninjakitchen.eu/uk


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